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Scandulae : shingles for wooden roofs

  The traditional handsplit wood shingles offer a high weatherproof resistance (UV, winds, hails, storms, frosts) and an unexpectedly long life.

They can cover any roof types, sizes and structures (simple or complex), and with very few zincware (hooks and nails).

The wood shingles have a bright grey colour that fit in all landscapes. They can used for either traditional or modern style houses and buildings.

Our special feature : the handsplit wood

From the timber to the shingles, we only use high quality wood (without knots).

The trees are cut down during the vegetal rest and we split manually the quarters to obtain each shingle as hard, waterproof and straight as possible.

The traditional handsplit wood shingles are the only material agreed by the new French professional rules : tearing and sawing don't respect this new rules.

Assets for green and sustainable buildings

Here are some of the features of our shingles :

  • Complies with the new french thermal rules for buildings « RT 2000 »
  • Layout that preserves a high comfort in winter and summer (45-60mm shingle + 10cm air layer)
  • harmless to heath (wood without any chemical additives)
  • Low amount of energy used for production
  • Chemical-free maintenance
  • Clean salvage at the end of life

Species of wood used

According to customer's wishes, we choose the best nature of wood for each site and each construction.

Families Species Shingle length Duration
Conifers Larch 20 to 80 cm 80 years
Spruce 20 to 80 cm 40 years
Deciduous trees Chestnut 20 to 35 cm > 100 years
Oak 20 to 60 cm > 100 years

In comparison, the red cedar shingles last only for 10 or 20 years.

Range of accessories

  • wooden gutters,
  • wooden snow bars,
  • hooks for gutters and bars,
  • decorative shingles (round, pyramidal),
  • Nails.
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